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Chess Clocks

Chess Equipment specialise in supplying imported top of the range chess clocks and timers for school, club and chess tournament use. DGT digital chess clocks carry a two year warranty and are the industry standard for chess clocks. The traditional BHB Turnier manual clock remains the standard for a long life and robust chess clock for schools and clubs.

Chess Clock

Manual Clock

BHB Turnier (manual) chess clock, reliable and long-life for robust environment.
Chess Clock

Easy Mid Range Digital Clock

DGT EASY+ digital chess clock with large display.
Chess Clock

Multi Function Clock 

DGT 3000 FIDE approved chess clock, connects to all DGT e- Boards, 5 year warranty.
Chess Clock

Standard Tournament

DGT 2010 FIDE approved digital chess clock, multi-functional.



Chess Clock

Mid Range Digital Clock

DGT 960 folding chess clock with built-in random generator to create 960 random starting positions
Chess Clock

Entry Level Clock

DGT 1001 digital chess clock with countdown and up-count options.
Chess Clock

Bonus Entry Level Clock

DGT 1002 Bonus chess timer, Batteries included.

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