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Chess Equipment specialise in supplying imported top of the range chess clocks and timers for school, club and chess tournament use. DGT digital chess clocks carry a two year warranty and are the industry standard for chess clocks. The traditional BHB Turnier manual clock remains the standard for a long life and robust chess clock for schools and clubs.

Chess Clock

Bonus Entry Level Clock

DGT 1002 Bonus chess timer, Batteries included.


Chess Clock

Easy Mid Range Digital Clock

DGT EASY+ digital chess clock with large display.
Chess Clock

Multi Function Clock 

DGT 3000 FIDE approved chess clock, connects to all DGT e- Boards, 5 year warranty.
Chess Clock

Standard Tournament

DGT 2010 FIDE approved digital chess clock, multi-functional.



Chess Clock

Mid Range Digital Clock

DGT 960 folding chess clock with built-in random generator to create 960 random starting positions
Chess Clock

Entry Level Clock

DGT 1001 digital chess clock with countdown and up-count options.