Coaching Material


We are the pioneers of the one metre square chess coaching board with 10cm squares enabling new chess players easy viewing and participation in chess demonstrations and instruction. Two versions are available – the powder coated folding steel type and the more portable vinyl roll-up version. We also produce our own 40 game spiral bound chess notation pad.


Roll Up Coaching Board

Vinyl roll-up chess coaching board complete with magnetic chess pieces and a carry bag. Dimensions: 880 x 950 cm with 100 mm squares.

Notation Pads

Spiral bound notation pads 40 games 60 moves.

Folding Steel Demo Board

Powder coated steel folding coaching board with magnetic chess pieces 10 mm squares overall size 900 x 900 mm.

Power of Coaching Book

Principle-based approach to chess coaching designed for both teachers of chess and their students. Written by former SA closed chess champion.